That exhilarating rush of adrenaline and passion and the warmth and the fuzz that crawls on your face and in the depths of your stomach and in the most exaggerated way possible, the most wonderful impossible happens in the form of music. When news came about that Zion. T and Red Velvet were coming back onto the scene, disappointment was not an option.

Both the Red Velvet and Zion. T albums were to drop at midnight (KST) which in California is 7 a.m and although I was in class during that time, a friend of mine was able to remind me of the time and to check out the music videos and albums. When I listened to Red Velvet’s new single (and title track) Rookie, I knew that I wouldn’t initially like the first listen of the song but the second listen always brings me back to why I love these girls in the first place. The first song I listened to from Zion. T’s new album was actually Cinema (the first song on the album) and not The Song (the title track) just because I happened to find it on Sound cloud first rather than on YouTube. But when I heard the first few seconds of Cinema, my very soul left my weak, physical structure of a body and flew off into another reality where I could listen to that song on repeat and live the rest of my days in tranquility.

I took turns listening to each album and and began to notice all the important details of both albums such as in Red Velvet’s, they were going for a more smooth, slow type of listen, they call this change of attitude The Velvet (which most prefer over their usual quirky, The Red style). All after two listens of this album, I loved it even more. Similarly with Zion. T’s new album I could feel his emotions and the way he expresses his love and sympathy through his music and with his smooth angelic voice, I knew this would be a hit to all R&B fans or just those looking for genuinely good tunes.

Now, I feel relatively the same as I did the day the albums came out. Red Velvet’s Velvet side shows each members individual skills and the lyrics for this album are what makes Red Velvet, Red Velvet. The lyrics may be quirky but they put such lovely and charming visuals in your head. With Zion. T, the lyrics in this album are intimate and you get to see the sensitive side of him again. I feel a bit closer with his lyrics and what he wants to portray to his audience and possibly connect with some who feel the same way as him.

Since day one, I still believe that they are one of the best out there and even though they come from two different companies and have very distinct styles, I believe these albums are a great listen if you’re trying to escape from this dimension and to just loosen up or even take a nap under the stars.


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