Neapolitan Ice Cream Is A Joke

I got a new plant and named it Louis XIV the second, but Cedric is still extremely sunburned

I haven’t had any sugar all week and hopefully I’ll supernova and claim my place in the stars

It’s been over two weeks since I had boba and Amber from f(x) bought six today

I’m supposed to be learning German but I can only say Ich bin brot or I am bread, so this is a disaster

I still do not posses a Kenma plushie and so I’ve made a jug to put my tears in

I promised to not make this blog a rant space but look at where we are now ! I’m ranting !

This week has been so disheartening and a complete bum and I’ve been too lazy to do anything. The only good thing about this week were the cute socks I got, but they’re just socks. Perhaps this week will be more fulfilling and hopefully I’ll buy some boba and cake.





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