Rice Goddess

I have the most boring life in the universe that even flies buzz around and laugh at how dull I am.

I wrote that line a few months ago and looking back at it now makes me laugh because while it still may be true, I just can’t believe how pessimistic of a person I am.

Over the weekend I spent the afternoon with a close of friend of mine and it was all unplanned. It was so lovely how we just messaged each other if we wanted to hang out in a few hours and it happened. No stress, no worries; it all just happened so simply and everything turned out great.

This friend of mine is very close and dear to me and most people don’t find connections like that now a days. Finding a person whom you trust wholeheartedly and can express your thoughts and emotions so vulnerably to. We spoke of topics most people don’t talk about in “the real world”, stuff that’s spoken about on the internet because we’re too afraid to speak our pure thoughts into the world and have your mind filled with a wanderlust of anxiety of how they will react to your unfiltered thoughts that just had to be spoken.

Talking to people one on one about sensitive subjects or even topics that we’re too afraid of saying should be more common. Talks about the future, dreams, worries, personal experiences and emotions should be spoken about to close friends in person, not online. My friend and I sat down at a table, ate our lunch, and talked about our reality’s for over three hours and it was the most rejuvenating time I ever had with her.

Pure white thoughts and emotions, vulnerability and intimacy is what makes this world evolve and helps shape us into the people we will soon become. Life is a waste if it is not shared with the world; the emotions within us are meant to be exposed at some point in our lives.


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