Mel & Sue

For the past couple days, I have been preoccupied over a sweet little show called The Great British Bake Off or as American Netflix calls it The Great British Baking Show. 

This homey show is just so perfect to watch on a sunny afternoon wrapped in a soft blanket and soft clothes, to really hone onto the atmosphere of the show.

All the competitors are so sweet and lovable and everyone has pure intentions; to bake their little hearts out. There is no grand prize at the end like American competition’s do and the contestants all against each other with every man for himself. In this show, it’s all smiles, laughs, and awkward mistakes (they are all home bakers after all). They all help each other out if they have time and everyone always hugs each other at the end of each bake, it’s so wonderful.

Of course each baker wants to win and create the best bake but at the end of each episode, every one of the contestants are so pure and jovial about their creations, there’s no hate against on another, and the aura everyone gives off is so loving and relaxed.

I’ve only just started the show and I’m almost done with season two, one more to go. Also can I say that Mel and Sue are Britain’s golden girls, they’re the best people ever.


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